6 Signs You’re in Love

After seeing her on a transgender online dating site, you thought she was hot, so you chatted online for a while and hooked up. You weren’t expecting to be head over heels so fast, but you’re smitten and maybe you’re even hearing wedding bells.

Or maybe you’ve been dating for a while, and as things have unfolded over time you notice how much you have in common and how you both laugh at the same spots in movies. You’re thinking you’re ready to take it to the next level.

Whether you were looking for love or it blindsided you when you just wanted a little action, here you are. Are you really in love? Here are six signs that she’s the one that you want.

6 Signs You’re Falling in Love

1. You can’t stop thinking about her.

If she’s always on your mind, it might be lust. After all, our chemicals erupt when we have a new lover and our hormones fire on all cylinders. Even so, powerful attraction can lead to a deeper emotional connection or indicate the possibility of a relationship. You don’t fall in love with someone you feel neutral about.

If she only comes into your mind when she texts or when your dick gets hard, better to keep things casual. But if you are waking and sleeping with her on your mind, you might be in love.

2. You care about her happiness, safety, health, and well-being.

If you are genuinely concerned about her as a whole person and feel happiness when she has a magic moment or a success at work, that’s a sign that it’s more than physical attraction.

3. She makes you happy.

Does your mood and outlook on life improve just by being around her or talking to her on the phone? Of course sex puts a smile on our face, but does that uplift happen just by chatting about her favorite recipe or the prices of gasoline these days?

If you find yourself more positive and feeling new and improved just by sharing the mundane and ordinary parts of life with her, then it stands to reason you might be good for each other.

4. You trust her.

Trust is tricky—it’s something that is earned and unfolds based on observation and experience. If you’re at a point where you trust her, it often follows that love is entering the equation too.

You’re willing to introduce her as your girlfriend to your friends and family, even the more conservative ones.

When you reach the point that you’re willing to show her off instead of hiding her away, even if there’s a personal price to you, it could be love.

5. You argue and have difficult conversations.

If you’re always in conflict with someone and have a volatile relationship, that’s a sign that you are toxic to each other, even if the make-up sex is hot as hell. But real people have differences and if you’re going deep enough to divulge those differences, you’ve had some heated discussions and communicated difficult topics with each other.

Being comfortable enough to risk differences and argue them in a constructive manner can indicate respect and authenticity and love.

6. You’re well aware of her flaws, and love and respect her even so.

It’s one thing when you don’t know the human side, the weaknesses, the past problems, the bad choices in someone’s life because you aren’t that close. But when you know them intimately and accept those flaws, you might be in love.

How do you know when you’re in love? Please share in the comments!

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