5 Reasons Your Trans Lover Wants to Be on Top

If you can’t get enough of her crawling across your lap, straddling and riding you into heaven, you’re in luck. Most women love to be on top.

There are some transgender women who are triggered by girl-on-top positions, due to memories of gender roles and internal and external power struggles, and you should always respect her preferences.

But many transexuals, like most cis women, love to ride.

5 Reasons Your Trans Lover Wants to Be Your Cherry on Top

1. She’s In Control

If power is an aphrodisiac, it’s heady at the top. If power is a struggle, taking charge lets her reclaim the contradictions and fears that may be present in her person or sexuality.

It’s just plain hot to take the ropes and tell you what she wants and how she’s going to take it.

2. It’s a Versatile Sex Position

Girl on top is not one position, but dozens. She can straddle you on a chair or ride you on the kitchen counter. She can ride you like a horse, with both of you facing forward. She can ride sidesaddle. She can do it criss-cross, backwards, upside down.

It works better than any other position in the car. On the floor, she has great leverage and can enjoy all the variants.

Whether you’re penetrating her vagina or anus, girl on top rocks.

3. The Position Is Intimate

Girl on top is hot and animal. But it’s also intimate, with the same access to kissing and touching as missionary. That’s a real plus for besotted lovers who are glued to each other’s tonsils.

4. She Can See You Appraising Her Body

One major source of a woman’s erotic attraction is yours.

While it may seem like a plus FOR YOU that you get to see her breasts bobbing up and down as she rocks your world, SHE gets to see you watching her.

5. It’s a Great Position for Orgasm

For most women, cis or trans, some sex positions are better than others for actually coming. Girl on top lets her set the rhythm and motion. It frees your hands to touch her cock or pussy, or nipples. She can lower her ass down on your cock and masturbate her own penis if that works for her.

If she has a vagina, she can control the pace and make sure it’s comfortable while stimulating her vulva with her fingers—or yours.

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