3 Great Lubes for You and Your Trans Gal

Lube is the most indispensable product a girl has in her bedside table drawer.

Sometimes you don’t want to wait until your body is as warmed up as you are. Other times, it’s fun to slide all over each other and get really slippery. And of course, it’s the key to loving anal penetration.

Trans women especially find it useful to have lube on hand, whether they have a vagina or prefer anal. She’ll really appreciate it if you’re pragmatic and considerate of these needs, and even better, if you really get into it. You can go lube shopping together and decide what to try, or keep a selection in your toy box for variety.

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3 Great Lubes for Better Sex

1. Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lube
Sure, the title is a tad tacky, but the lube isn’t – that sticky quality on your hands and thighs that usually happens after just a few minutes is noticeably reduced in this product.

It’s a bit thicker than most lubricants and longer lasting, so we can relax while you take your time. I find it a little bit messy but that consistency is exactly why it works better for what it says it does. Keep it in stock!

2. Wet Platinum Premium Lubricant
Heaven is my silicone valley – I just love the airy light glide and ethereal sensual feel of skin slippery with silicone. This lube is wicked for slow, sensuous massages too.

One drawback is versatility, as silicone lubes can’t be used on silicone toys. And clean up is a bit difficult, so be careful not to get it on her good sheets, hardwood floors or furniture. Even with soap and water, it sometimes feels like it might never go away. Of course, this is a benefit if your trans lady loves making love in the shower or the pool.

3. Pure Romance Whipped Edible Lubricant
Let your TS girl know she’s edible with a line of lubes that really do taste great. Yes, many lubes are flavored, but this line is the gold standard of lickalicious. The texture is creamy, a bit of a departure from most lubricants, and they’re really designed for taste. The Orange Creamsicle and the Vanilla Cupcake are amazing!

Because many flavored lubes are only tolerable to taste, we can sometimes be tempted to use real food for our fantasy feasting. Don’t – the sugars can cause nasty bacteria to our bits and yours. Let these lubes fill in for the whipped cream AND the cherry on top!

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What’s your favorite lube? Let us know in the comments!

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