All about Girl Dick

Girl Dick. You’ve heard the term on fetish sites or on trans activist pages. Not long ago it may have seemed like “girl dick” or “girldick” was a bit objectifying, kind of like the old-fashioned and out of civil fashion “shemale.”

But along the way, many trans women have stopped using words like “pre-op” or “non-op” to describe their genital situation. They prefer to use “girl dick” as an affirmative catch all when they want to discuss their body parts.

What to Know about Girl Dick

For now, it’s not your place to use unless she asks you to.

Guys into girls with dicks, trans admirers, or men with a transgender fetish might want to use this term and find it a turn on. But resist the urge for now unless your date or girlfriend asks you to use it.

There are still two streams of thought on what “girl dick” defines.

Some transgender women or trans activists say “girldick” refers to a feminized penis. In other words, the body parts she was born with transformed—by estrogen therapy and life as a woman—into a girl dick. It’s not a cock, it’s a girl dick.

Others say it refers to all transgender women’s penises, even if she is “in tact” and not taking hormone therapy. If a dick is attached to a transgender woman, it’s a woman’s dick, period. It’s a girl dick.

A girldick is a transgender woman’s genitalia, and functions differently from a man’s.

Leaving aside the above arguments that a girl dick is any dick attached to a woman, you do need to know that for most transgender women, their dick is not the same as yours.

Hormone therapy and other treatments change her body. There are always exceptions and variations, of course, but generally speaking, a girl dick is softer, smaller, and responds differently than a guy’s. Some can get an erection, but they are slower and softer.

Ejaculation tastes and smells differently and is less projectile. The tissue and texture of the girl dick is soft and squishy.

Ask her how she wants to be touched.

If a trans woman has extreme gender dysphoria, or for other reasons, she may not want her dick touched.

On the other hand, she may want to use it to penetrate another woman, or you. She may want it licked and sucked. She may have orgasms. She might want it stroked.

It will handle differently from a guy’s, so make sure you are willing to experiment and explore on her terms.

Not all trans women use the term.

Some transgender women are uncomfortable with the genital equipment they were born with, even transformed by therapies.

Others simply reject terminology that references male anatomy, even in a way that affirms or reclaims their femininity.

There are trans women who see their genitals as “big clits” or refer to their stuff as “pussy.”

It is entirely up to her how she wants to view, name, and use her body.

Our biology is complex, and in fact, the penis IS a big clit in a sense. The male and female development comes from a common core and is transformed by hormones and growth stages along the way, but the tissue of the penis and clitoris began from the same cells.

Some cis women have large clits, and all clits engorge with blood the same way a penis gets erect.

In whatever context she wants to refer to and use her body with you, enjoy it.

Trans readers: Do you use the term “girl dick?” Do you find it offensive? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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