TS Love In A Safe Sex World

It sure would be nice if we lived in a world where nobody ever became ill and everyone was always unequivocally honest with everyone else. A utopia that fostered honest communication and allowed each person to know the exact status of their own health at every given moment. It would also be nice to win the lottery and own a flying unicorn, too. Now, let’s take a quick reality check…

People do get ill, some don’t even know they are carrying an illness. So far, not one person has ever been able to ride their own flying unicorn… so before you ride anyone else, be sure you’re taking the necessary precautions to play safe! It’s as simple as having a real discussion about your past and present expectations. Using a condom along with proper hygiene, and medical care to make sure you are maximizing the pleasure while eliminating any risk that can be set aside.

If you love your new TS sexual partner you owe it to her to play safe. Perhaps even more importantly, if you love yourself you need to play safe. The heat of the moment can be compelling and some argue that putting on a condom ruins the spontaneity of a sexual encounter. Those people are mistaken. What ruins a sexual encounter is a lifelong illness resulting from it. Creativity and play are all you need to stay spontaneous.

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Make it a game! Can she get that condom on using only her pretty mouth? Does that condom have ribbing or pleasure dots to enhance the experience? How much lube is too much? Safe sex can be even more tight if it’s being done by transsexual dating enthusiasts who know how to do it right!

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