Tips for Rebuilding Trust in a Relationship

When you meet someone and decide that you are both interested in forging into a committed relationship, trust will be the foundation. This takes time to build but will lay a solid ground for the union to grow upon. Unfortunately, even the healthiest relationships can be affected by a betrayal of trust.

Most people think about infidelity when it comes to betrayal, but trust can also be broken through addiction, lying, violence, and secrecy. Safety, respect, love and friendship are replaced by anger, insecurity, anxiety and fear. Although regaining trust is difficult, it is not impossible. Here are a few tips on how to rebuild trust in a relationship.

Your truth. Both parties need to say what they know, did, and how they feel. Answer a partner’s questions but avoid going into minute details that tend to compound the problem.

Previous events. Try to examine what events or feelings may have caused or led up to this breach of trust. Both partners need to be open and nondefensive when speaking and listening.

Willingness to work. Talking about trust that has been broken won’t immediately repair things. A mutual sincerity to work on the problem, without anger or resentment, is mandatory. Be accepting and open to outside help, such as a counsellor, if necessary.

Future expectations. Moving forward, it’s okay to discuss what will and will not be acceptable. You may want to talk about different methods of communication that will improve the relationship.

Patience. Rebuilding trust is no walk in the park and happens much slower than most couples anticipate. The good news is if you can regain your trust, there is a good chance that your relationship will go even deeper than it was before.

Have you been in a relationship where trust was broken? Were you able to rebuild ?

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