Transgender Sex without Vaginal Penetration

Transgender and gender fluidity come in many forms, no pun intended. But anyone who really cares and notices the facts and details of the world of transgender truth keep their minds open and wide; and it keeps expanding and growing, because there can be as many types of transgender identities as there are people.

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There’s millions of people in my city alone! Not that all of them are transgender, but… to insert a very interesting theory recently suggested—EVERYONE except for the most EXTREME examples of masculine and feminine humans are transgender, since we are all a variable amount of both masculine and feminine chromosones and energy!

It makes sense to me, but it’s a complete inversion of all the gender structures we are all placed in since birth, so it might take a few generations before that idea catches on… but I digress!

One of the deeply heart-touching experiences I’ve had very (very!) recently was a deeply unique sexual, spiritual, healing and emotional connection with a gender-fluid person with a vagina, who had some body shame issues that we both got to help them work through.

The sexual connection was very interesting and passionate, as they identified like I did as a very VERY erotic individual, yet they were not able to receive vaginal penetration for our sexual connection. Thus, all my energy was restricted to their clitoris, breasts, and anus.

Now THAT made for a memorable and magical experience. I was honored and blessed to share this experience with this person. Strictly focusing on their clitoris, breathing with them, holding them closely and intimately, and penetrating them anally to help them achieve orgasm, as well as making  sure no vaginal penetration occurred, or any other vaginal contractions or convulsions too extreme, was a marvellous connection moment in my life. I enjoyed it deeply.

The additional insight I gained from this beautiful bond was the revelation that this gender-fluid person preferred their clitoris to be called a penis during intercourse. I was requested to call it different names at different times, which I did, and I was strict in my boundaries in which I spoke and touched. It was amazing!

They were very VERY satisfied, had an anal orgasm and vaginal orgasms, squirted multiple times, and we broke the bed! (It was not permanent, whew) There was lovely post-coital communication, even tears of joy, and lots of everything else needed to come down from the heights of cathartic ecstacy we reached. I will never forget this night!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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