My Experience with a Trans Dom

A trans dom and her slave used me for a wild threesome once. It was one of the best sexual memories of my life.

With a trans person there is absolutely no difference at the end of the day, but at the same time there is a tiny difference in other aspects of energy exchange… and honestly, they are damn near almost always BETTER.

I can’t paint all people with one brush, not even a good brush, because it would be a lie to say “all trans people are good people” and that would also deny them the agency to be bad when needed, and Jesus knows that trans people need to have access to 360 degrees of emotional response to the world we live in today.

It’s not good to always be good if people want to stop you from joining the army, or getting married, or having sex, or even speaking publicly. But, pardon me, I digress.

The dom, oh yeah. The trans dom was playing hopscotch, being both hyper masculine and hyper feminine during our encounter. They embodied mannish mannerisms when they were ordering their slave to do unspeakably amazing things to my happy body.

Then, when it came to me returning the favor, they were remarkably receptive and relaxed, not quite the aggressive specimen from an hour earlier. This was also after a diverse array of toys were used upon their slave, and a few on me for good measure. It was a grand old time, I tells you! And honestly, the identity of the trans dom made for a more nuanced human experience in BDSM for me.

I highly recommend a threesome with a trans woman if you can find one. Have all the fun!

Addi Stewart

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