Confession: Girl on Trans Girl Action!

It comes up now and again in my online dating conversations, usually when swapping fantasies and history with a new friend. Since I’m an adventurous and experimental girl, it should surprise no one: yes, I have made love to trans women.

The girl-on-girl fantasy ranks up there for me with the very best, even though it’s so common it’s almost banal. I mean, really, two babes kissing, rubbing their breasts together, licking, sucking, moaning – what’s not to love? For a guy who loves trans girls too, the thought is so hot he just needs to ask. And I’m happy to share what it’s like.

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Necking with another woman is always incredibly sexy, because it’s never just the appetizer, so to speak. There’s no race to get to the “real thing” because it’s all the real thing. It’s very exciting to get all worked up and stay that way. With one trans lover, we spent a few months making out before moving on to the main course. Not going all the way right away is kind of like chastity-belt training. With hours spent kissing and stroking each other’s breasts, it was to the point that I was practically having orgasms just from touching my breasts.

I wasn’t the only one. A gorgeous, funny trans woman I dated for a few months after that had extraordinarily sensitive nipples and breasts. Many t-girls do, because of the hormones (same reason as me) and because for some, the breasts are the focus of their sex play until their transition is complete. All of this woman’s sexual energy became focused in her breasts. And they were beautiful! I love women’s breasts, and most of the time, my own happen to be the ones I see when I’m naked with someone. Being with another woman is always extra special, and when the chemistry is right, it’s heaven on earth.

Like many women, even the horniest of us, some trans women like to take their time. This is a lot of fun when necking is even better during the main course. If a  woman wants to forget about being rushed, she doesn’t stop licking me just because I came. She might want to play with fun stuff in my toy box. She will be soft and slow for as long as she wants, and then suddenly switch gears and take me harder until we’re both exhausted.

Yes, I have fooled around with trans women who are pre-operative or never-operative, as well as those who have a pussy just like mine. Like you, I’m interested in sharing pleasure and expanding my imagination, so I’m only worried about how to please my partner, not what she’s packing. When I’m with a trans woman, I let her show me where she’s comfortable, and with what.

There doesn’t seem to be a fan designation for female admirers of trans women. I don’t mind the term “transensual” when I’m dating a trans girl. Overall, instead of anything too defining, I just prefer to follow the beautiful temptations that fate presents, and see where they go!  

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