Everything You Want to Know About Transgender Vaginal Dilation

It’s not easy being a transgender woman.

Trans people face unique struggles, from severe problems like bullying, employment discrimination, medical hell, and sexual assault to daily challenges, like finding shoes that fit.

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As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, when a MTF-transgender person crawls out from the anesthesia after gender reassignment surgery, rocking a brand new designer vagina, the real hell begins: dilation.

What is vaginal dilation?

Vaginal dilation is a post-surgical medical care regimen that all transgender women who choose sexreassignment surgery must undergo.

The “neo-vagina” as many trans women and their health care professionals refer to the transgender surgically constructed vagina, requires attention, care and maintenance as it heals. The body will naturally attempt to reject the passageway and close it, and dilation helps keep that from happening.

The surrounding tissues such as the PC muscles are trying to find their original positions, and the effect is the closing of the neo-vagina. There is scar tissue forming and contracting. Dilating the vagina during the healing process is absolutely necessary in order for the depth and elasticity of the tissues to heal in the way they were constructed surgically to heal.

Dilation simply means periodically inserting a dilator—an object called a stent that looks like a dildo—and leaving it in place for some time to encourage correct healing.

Actually, there will be a “kit” of stents in different sizes.

How does this affect my lover or girlfriend’s life?

The impact is severe. Whether you’re a friend, family member, or lover, you need to show great support, tolerance, love and affection, and not make selfish demands on her time.

Initially, dilation takes place for about forty-five minutes per session. SIX TIMES A DAY, minimum.

This is a HUGE burden on time. It is incredibly inconvenient to one’s working and social life.

A girl needs privacy for the process—it’s not something she can do while shopping with the girls or on the job at the construction site.

Worst, the demanding process is taking place at a time when a physical and psychological pinnacle has been reached in her life, and she is recovering from major surgery and from a lifetime of longing. It would be really nice if the time of convalescence and recovery could be easier, but instead, it is the hardest part.

Why doesn’t the new pussy work ready-made?

Any surgical procedure has to heal. Even a cat scratch or a puncture wound, like an ear piercing, has to heal—anytime the skin is broken. The goal is for the neo-vagina to heal the way it was constructed, and that takes the ongoing medical intervention of dilation.

Think of the ear piercing—the skin must heal around the earring, or the hole will seal together.

Can your penis help with this process?

Not yet. Stents must be sterile, and the surgeon will give your trans girlfriend instructions on how to avoid tearing the tender tissue.

Later, though, regular sexual intercourse is a good idea. You may hear trans women joking about “organic dilation” and this is what they mean. “Use it or lose it” is another phrase you might hear, and so yes, you will be a big help to her. But first the wounds need to heal properly.

Pain or pleasure?

It hurts like hell at first. Many trans women report beginning to feel pleasure several months on.

How long will she need to do vaginal dilation?

Forever. Yes, that’s correct.

At first, six or more sessions of forty-five minutes or so. Her doctor will give specific instructions. The frequency will gradually wane to a few times per week over the years.

If you have experience with vaginal dilation, please share in the the comments.

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