Tips for Sex in the Shower with Your TS Lover

As someone who loves to get wet and wild, I’ve experimented with sexy play in all kinds of water environments. While it can be tricky in the shower, it’s always good clean fun.

If you’ve never had a shower with your partner, you may want to do just that before you get sexy under the spray. Having a feel for the space in your stall or tub will help you to know what can and cannot be done. Showering without sex is  is also a very intimate way to bond with your partner.

Once you’re comfortable being naked and wet and vulnerable in the light of day, take these tips to make the most of the experience.

Soap each other up. We’re so used to washing ourselves that lathering another person’s body can be very erotic and titillating. When my lover slides a bar of soap around my breasts and between my legs, I can feel my own juices starting to drip.

Most women also love having their hair shampooed and scalp massaged, just ask their hair stylist. It makes for unique foreplay and a guaranteed turn on.

Give oral pleasure. A cock or pussy in one’s mouth with the natural lubricant of water pouring down in fantastic. You feel like your kneeling under a waterfall with a tasty treat at the ready.

Try different positions. You’ll find this just happens naturally because a lot will depend on your height and hers, as well as your sizes, differentials making some positions more comfortable and others impossible.

Some partners just fit together so standing erect will be the perfect position to slide in, but most of unions will have one person squatting or bending over. Part of the fun is trying to find what works for you and your lover.

Bring toys in. It doesn’t have to be the vibrating rubber duckie either. Lots of sex toys are made especially for the shower, so have a look at the Kink Lover’s BDSM & Sex Toy Store. Strap-ons are great for couples who love double penetration or domination.

Be safe. Slippery when wet takes on a whole new meaning when you get it on in the shower. Always use a bath mat or a small towel on the bottom to keep from slipping, and use handrails or bars when needed.

Take your show on the road. Whether you find it too challenging to go all the way in the shower, or you’re so turned on that you’re up for a round two, there’s no reason the fun has to stop after you get out of the shower. Carry your lover to the bed, dining room table, or sofa for extended play.

Do you love getting it on in the shower? Share an experience or tips in the comments!

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