Spanking Tips for Couples

Spanking is a great way to add excitement to your kinky play. Before I began exploring kink, I’d always considered spanking to be a little porny, you know, the kind of sex where you begin to think your partner believes what he’s watched online is how it goes in real life. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I met a lover who made me feel very free sexually, enough to explore role playing which included some spanking fun.

One of the great things about spanking is you don’t have to be a full-on bdsm couple, triad or poly unicorn to enjoy it. For me, it’s all about fun and pleasure, rather than pain and punishment. Here are some tips I can share with you to make the most of your spanking play.

Be on the same page with your lover. Spontaneous spanking happens, for sure, but if it’s your fetish and you want to introduce it to a new lover, you may want to have a light conversation to see how they feel about it and what their level of comfort and interest is in spanking.

Try various spanking instrument. Most individuals start with their hand… it’s right there and you can control the pressure easily. You can experiment with an open or closed palm for different sensations and sound effects. And of course, there are many other spanking tools available for kinky couples such as paddles, riding crops, and belts.

Mix up the intensity and time in between spanks. If you stick to the same spanking rhythm, it can get a little boring. A spankee will enjoy a variety of softer and harsher slaps, as well as a combination of quick spanks and those with longer pauses in between.

Add other accessories. Blindfolds go great with spanking because anticipation is so much a part of the arousal factor. Not knowing or being able to see when the next spank is coming can really get a girl wet. Bondage is another way to intensify your spanking sessions.

Act out kinky role plays. If you’re also keen on sexy role playing, you probably know that spanking is a perfect addition to scenarios like teacher/student, boss/secretary, or dad/babysitter.

Vary your positions. Some find over-the-lap spanking feels very natural while others like to lie face down on the bed with a pillow under their hips to elevate their bottom. Other great positions include standing while bending forward with hands either on a chair or the floor, and on top in the 69 position for double spanks from two hands!

What spanking tips can you share?

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