Sensory Play Tips for You and Your TS Lover

Sensory play is something many lovers enjoy, whether you’re straight or gay or trans, vanilla or living the BDSM lifestyle. While some activities that engage the senses are simple and can be done with things you find around the house, others can be quite sophisticated and include more than one sense and other accessories.

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Playing with the senses is a fun and easy way to spice up your sex life, and perfect for those of you who cringe at the thought of bondage, chains and whips.

Sensory Play Tips for TS Lovers

Work with what you have. Before you go out and buy that high-end tickle chamber, have a look through your place to see what you have. You’ll be surprised by what you never thought of as sexual before… the refrigerator and kitchen junk drawer are good places to start.

Think about your favorite sense turn ons. Can the smell of someone’s cooking get you hard, or are you someone who is very tactile, enjoying the feel of certain fabrics close to your skin.

Start simple. Giving a woman an erotic massage can be one of the most memorable experiences she will have, and you don’t have to be an RMT to treat her right. Just take your time and use a scented body massage bar to give it that little something extra.

Use food in surprising new ways. While a cool juicy cucumber inside always feels good, it’s old hat for some of us ladies! A large beefsteak tomato cored and warmed slightly is a wonderful cock massager, and she can eat it as it breaks down.

Get your kink on. One person’s pain may be another’s pleasure. Feathers might not be enough for some trans ladies. She may prefer the soft brush of a flogger on her behind before the sting of it soon after. Or maybe those clothespins you found in the junk drawer have a nipple or two in need.

Play a guessing game. For those who like their sexy time to be fun, you can add a little mystery by bringing in a blindfold (and bondage for the adventurous!) One lover will try to guess what objects they feel, taste, smell, or touch without seeing.

Go for broke. Are you bored already with massage bars and ice cubes. Extreme sensory enthusiasts enjoy things like wax and electricity play, as well as vacuum packing. These are not for beginners and should be thoroughly researched for proper technique and safety precautions.

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Share your favorite sensory play activity and tips in the comments.

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