Hot Transgender Sex Toys and Turn Ons

Whether it’s for you or her, or both of you together, here are some sexy suggestions for your toy box!

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Pre-op Transexual Torso Sex Doll
Never mind that sex toys that simulate parts of the human body can feel, well, a little disembodied. A sense of humor goes a long way when pulling out a pocket vagina, a big veiny dildo with balls, or this transgender torso. Still, it’s great to have an option for sex play that resembles some of your fantasies. The gorgeous titties, big cock, and silicone valley on this playmate are heaven sent.

Shemales in Panties
Some might object to the blog’s name Shemales in Panties, and others will argue that in porn, anything goes. But this Tumblr shows a softer side that can be hard to find—the stunning beauty of trans women. It’s soft core in the old-fashioned lingerie tradition of heterosexual glamour shots, showcasing a variety of pre-op trans girls in classy images. Some are wearing bras and panties, some are more graphic and show cock, and all are gorgeous. Use alone or together!

Women hail the vibrator as king—queen?—of hearts, and transexual women are no different. What feels great against a cis woman’s clitoris feels just as great for your trans lover, whether she’s using it on her clit or the head of her penis. You can go all Hitachi if size matters, but when it comes to the buzz, good things come in small packages. The “magic bullet” vibrators are incredible. They are tiny which makes them portable and discreet, meaning you can play in unexpected places. And yes, she always comes first—but good vibrations are for you, too. And not just downtown—the mini vibes against hers or your nipples feels transcendent.

Mini vibes come in a variety of strengths and some are incredibly powerful. Look for options that have multiple speeds so you can experiment with what feels best.

Check out the bullet and pocket-sized vibes at the Kink Lover’s BDSM & Sex Toy Store.

Rubber Duckie
I Rub My Duckie Vibe, I’m awfully fond of you. She will be too, because three’s no need to put it out of sight. For this reason, this cute splash of cheer is also a stroke of genius.

Butt Plugs
Anal penetration toys for her and for you come in as many variations as vibrators. It may seem like any dildo can work for ass play but never use a toy that is not designed with a flange base. It can get sucked in and trying to retrieve it can cause damage to sensitive tissues. Dildos that have a flared base or come with balls can sometimes work, but if you’re new to anal stimulation best stick with the butt plugs designed for the purpose. You can start small with lots of lube and also experiment with supersized toys later on!

My faves are these little trainers, Eastern Delights, because they are gorgeous, black, and made with medical grade silicone. The jewel in the crown? The sparkly gem that makes my butthole glitter. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

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