Best Sex Toys for Your Transgender Date

I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I love transgender ladies. Gorgeous TS dates are the only women I want to spend time with.

I recently met a woman named Melanie on She was a sweet TS MILF, beautiful with a gorgeous face and a divine shape. It was really interesting to me that she wanted to have sex only via chat and cam-to-cam. I kept hoping to meet her in person, but I think she thought it was much more kinky and sensual to have virtual sex. This made me think a lot about using sex toys to enhance this kind of online date.

Here are my favorite toys for kinking up your next sexy encounter with a trans woman…

Vibrators. Depending on where your TS date is comfortable in her process, many women have an extra large amount of fun down below. And if you know anything about biology, you know that all tissue comes from the same place and thus has similar functions across different bodies. Put simply, the head of a penis, like a clit, is sensitive and pleasurable. Your TS date and you can both enjoy vibrators for enhanced sexual pleasure.

Anal Toys. If you haven’t tried anal play, it’s an exciting way to take your orgasms to another level. There are many toys designed just to stimulate this area including balls, beads, and plugs. Anal toys are especially pleasurable for TS dates who may also have a prostate gland.

Masturbation Toys. I know it’s a slippery slope, but sometimes there’s something to be said about design, and many “male sex toys” are designed specifically for the equipment many TS ladies have. Male masturbators are toys that you may be able to use simultaneously.

What are you favorite toys for sex with a transgender woman? Let us know.

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