5 Sensations to Please Your TS Girlfriend

It’s all about the senses. Each sense comes with its own set of good feelings and memories. Every sense can make you feel at ease, excited, or cared for. In love.

Imagine the energy you get when listening to your favorite music. The excitement you feel when you watch your girlfriend dance. The  warm smell of holiday baking. The juicy sensation of biting into a ripe piece of fruit. The feel of her skin the first time you touched.

Engage her five senses to stir a little excitement into your TS relationship.

Take her out to an amazing dinner – but not just any dinner. Do your homework to find the perfect restaurant that suits your woman. The lighting, the seating, the venue (and of course the food!) are all things to consider. There are many restaurant review websites that can help you choose the ideal location. And make sure that it’s your treat.

Too late for dinner? Try something more sensual: take her to the bedroom, blindfold her, and lay her down. Prepare exciting flavors that you can slowly feed to her. Try fresh cut strawberries dipped in vanilla ice cream. Think decadence.

Keep her blindfold on because after you’ve made her taste buds swoon, you’ll want to touch her in all the right places. The combination of these two anticipated sensations will drive her crazy. Feeling a little more love and a little less lust? Nothing makes a woman feel more secure than a long, heartfelt embrace and a loving kiss on the lips. Why not continue with an erotic massage.

Draw your gal a bath and use her favorite aromatic oils. To add a lost-lasting effect, surprise her with fresh-cut fragrant flowers when she comes out of your homemade spa.

Give her that look that tells her you want her and no one else. Tell her she looks absolutely adorable while calling her by her pet name. Cup her beautiful face in your hands and take a moment to really take her in. Then give her a soft yet passionate kiss to let her know how attracted you are.

Let her talk, and listen to her unique voice. Ask questions about her day, her feelings, her thoughts. Remember when you fell for her? Think of the qualities that first attracted you to your TS woman. Tell her she’s smart, fun, hilarious, caring, or whimsical. She’ll feel supported, and ultimately feel closer to you.

Use sensation play to enhance your relationship. This will make it almost impossible for things to get dull between you and your amazing TS gal.

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