5 Reasons She’s NOT Giving You Head

As a woman who loves sex and giving blowjobs, I have to say it’s not always guaranteed that it’s going to happen. I talk a lot with my gal pals, and have discovered that most women aren’t into giving head as much as me for a variety of reasons, some of which are understandable and others just plain weird.

Here’s a sampling of why you’re not getting your cock sucked by either your trans girlfriend or the hookup you met last week on a dating site.

You stink. Not you, but your cock and balls, the juice fermenting under your foreskin. Sounds gross doesn’t it? Imagine having your nose right up close. I have gone down totally ready to take a man into my throat, only to quickly turn back from merely a whiff.

You won’t reciprocate. This seems like a no brainer, but I keep meeting men who don’t love licking pussy but want me to go down. Most women orgasm much more easily through cunnilingus, so why not make this your number-one skill?

You won’t suck cock. Some trans admirers want nothing more than to get it on with a pre-op trans woman, while others get all freaked out about the perceived “gay factor” of interacting with another penis. Get over yourself. You want a blowjob… she might too!

She’s just not into it. I know a lot of women who don’t like giving oral. Perhaps these gals should hook up with the men who don’t like going down, save everyone a lot of disappointment. Also, some trans women have a challenging relationship with the penis they still have or used to, and this can affect her relationship with yours.

She’s not in the mood. She may love performing fellatio 90% of the time, but tonight it’s just not going to happen. Maybe she had a bad day at work, you pissed her off, or anything really. Let it go, especially if you’re the lucky dude who get blowjobs on the regular.

You’re cock is huge. There is such a thing as too big. I had one of these and giving a blowjob just wasn’t as fun as it is with an average or smaller sized penis. I couldn’t get the whole thing in, there was absolutely no deep throating or suckling on the menu.

It’s your first hookup. While some ladies will throw down in O-Town on the first date, most won’t. Putting someone’s privates close to your lips or in your mouth is very intimate, so many of us gals want to know you more than what we’ve learned over a few drinks. Be patient, especially if you feel a connection.

Some of these are easy fixes, while others may require more than a quick shower. The best thing you can do in any case is to broach the subject with honesty and compassion. Not all great sex is instantaneous, so don’t be afraid to do the work.

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