Common Fantasies about Transgender Women

Ever wonder what other transgender-loving guys fantasize about? Are you curious about whether your sex fantasies match those of other trans admirers, or if there’s one you’ve missed? What do other guys who love trans girls imagine when they beat off?

Here are common transgender sex fantasies men like you have.

Making love with a transgender woman.

The number one fantasy guys have about trans women is pretty simple—just being with her.

Whether you haven’t yet fulfilled your fantasy or you regularly date transexuals, one-on-one naked action is still the number one thing on your mind.

Engaging in an FFM threesome. 

It’s no surprise—guys love the idea of bedding two beauties at once, and trans-loving guys are no exception.

Whether it’s getting naked with a transgender woman and her cis bestie, or going at it with two t-girls at once, the threesome is a top fantasy of just about every dude who’s breathing.

Getting fucked up the ass by her cock.

The fact that shemale porn proliferates among straight guys is an ongoing mystery. But it shouldn’t be—there’s something ancient and mythological about the idea of the “hermaphrodite” or man-woman hybrid. It’s the ultimate union—man and woman in the same body, and both men and women have curiosity about what sex with such a god/goddess would feel like.

If that’s too airy fairy an explanation for you, there’s a more biological one—guys’ testosterone rises when another penis is on the scene. There’s a reason you get off to porn that shows women getting fucked. A naked woman is hot, a naked woman taking a cock is hotter. No het man watches porn for the naked men, but they are integral to the arousal.

Finally, the idea of a beautiful woman with a virile penis is so taboo and so seemingly unrealistic that it can’t help but come up on occasion in your mind.

Don’t get too hooked on it, though—many trans women with cocks don’t share your pegging fantasy. To live this one out, you might get lucky, or you might have to find a professional.

Dating and making out.

As hardcore as some of your fantasies are—getting it up the ass by a stunning creature with breasts AND a boner—the mild stuff is super common too.

My sometimes lover Trent says, “One reason we love transgender women so much is that they appreciate the feminine as much as we do. Some cis women take it for granted and consider the details old fashioned.”

Trent and many trans admirers like you are seduced by little things like watching her apply lipstick in a powder mirror, choosing pantyhose, wearing heels instead of sneakers.

“The things that turn me on aren’t always extreme, but subtle. The perfume scent of her clutch handbag. A manicure. Opening the car door for her. My big fantasies are really just about going out with her and doing these things, about kissing at the door when I walk her up the porch.”

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