Bruce to Caitlyn: Talking to the Family

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I’ve never been a fan of the Kardashians. But even without cable TV or being someone who reads gossip magazines, it’s impossible not know who they are or know a small modicum of what they’re up to. At the very least, you will have heard about Kim Kardashian’s ass.

I’d seen snippets of their reality shows over the years and always felt sorry for Bruce Jenner, surrounded by so many high maintenance women who scramble for fame of any kind. He never seemed happy, and now we know there was a lot more going on. I heard the rumors like everyone else, and then about his upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer. It was surprising but not shocking. We’re in the the midst of a trans revolution that is enabling people to finally be who they really are, and he helped to kick that into high gear.

I didn’t see the interview, but I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce because I was interested in how the family reacted and how they were dealing with his transition. First of all, let’s not forget it’s a reality show, so much of what was said sounded scripted to me. Maybe they do feel the way they said, but I’m sure when things first came out, the emotions were a little more raw.

That opinion aside, I did think it showed a wide variety of reactions (hurt, anger, sadness, shock, confusion) from family members about different aspects of finding out their father wanted to transition, which included his decisions of when, what, and how to tell individual family members. I have to say, I did like watching Kim give Bruce style tips when going through his wardrobe.

I felt the most for Kris Kardashian, who previously I’d seen as someone who pushes her daughters too hard and focuses way too much on making money. This episode really was all about Bruce. The Kardashian matriarch appeared vulnerable and much more human to me. I can’t imagine “losing” the person you have known for so many years.

And let’s not forget Bruce, now Caitlyn. The bravery it takes to not only make the choices he has and is, but also to share the process with the world! I thought Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair coming-out cover was fab! How empowering this will be for so many people, young and old, who are struggling with their own trans journey.

Even if you don’t think much about the Kardashians, this two-part episode is worth watching. If you’ve already seen it, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Watch Part 1 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: About Bruce

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