Trans Pickup, Interrupted

Caribana weekend this year was wild in ways that I have never experienced before, so I beg of you to hear me out! I had a blast from the past occur in my life, and I couldn’t have been more shocked.

There is a trans woman who I’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring a half-dozen times, some marvelous oral sex and stuff between us, at sex clubs or during Pride Parade or wherever we randomly link up.

So, I was walking down Queen Street,  and I saw her. We always kiss and hug each other very tight when we see each other. With the amount of intimacy we’ve shared, there’s no reason not to. I don’t hide my love for this voluptuous buxom trans woman at all, and we have chemistry beyond belief.

Strangely, I was in the problematic situation of having a gay man very intrusively take my attention and time away from this trans woman, and try to get my name and number to hook up with later—immediately after we were introduced.

It was really awkward to deal with, since I didn’t know how to gracefully turn down this super-fast attempt to poach a freshly hatched egg from another nest. I was already interested in my trans woman friend for more sex, and we were trying to arrange another session since it has been way too long since we’ve played.

But the entire situation was railroaded by this overly eager gay man. I am generally gracious, but this time I was simply flummoxed and flabbergasted. I know gay men can be bold sometimes, but this was ridiculous! It was just a confusing scenario that led up to me not doing what I wanted to do: arrange another session with my Black trans lover.

It’s normally a cis man who is the obstacle in situations like that, and I was shocked at how things can unfold in new ways like this. I know better for next time, and I might have to say some stunning things to people who I am normally very friendly with to get the experience that I want to have with my trans woman lover friend, even at the expense of disallowing some boundary-testing intimacy expression by gay individuals.

Sexuality is a wild place to play, but I won’t stop loving people. Just gotta remember the respect part when being wild and kinky and bold! Cis, gay, lesbian, and trans alike—yes, please!

Addi Stewart

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