Thank You, Beautiful Trans Stranger

Something wonderful and powerful happened to me while making my latest video, and it involved some transgender identity moments that warmed my heart beyond belief!

I was at Dundas Square last week, asking people in the blustery crowd if anyone wanted to take part in a video about the city of Toronto. It required only a cameo appearance, saying one word about the city. I wanted people who were enthusiastic and open about being on camera, and expressing themselves.

I started when the sun was shining and the crowd was thick, with hopes to catch only four people out of the hundreds mulling about that day. The first five people I asked didn’t want to get on camera and say anything about Toronto or support any musicians. It was a bit discouraging. Then the moment of truth came.

A gorgeous mixed-race trans person with curly black hair and a long slender face came into my awareness. I was awestruck by their beauty and was compelled to just compliment them on being such a radiant being, but I had a job to do.

I asked them, “Hey, do you want to be in a video about Toronto? All you need to do is say one word.”

They turned to their mother and the other person beside them to have a conference powwow for a minute, assessing the legitimacy of my request. I told them I was a local musician and this wouldn’t be used for anything but positive praise for the city.

Joyfully, the trans person said, “YES! I’d like to be in this video,” and came forth with great pride and radiance. I was so pleased with everything happening! The first person to agree to be in my newest video about Toronto was a transgender person of mixed ethnicity. SO Toronto!

They did the damn thing, one time in one take, perfectly and gorgeously. I was so blessed in my bliss that I wanted to hug or kiss them for appreciation, but this is probably more than enough of a thank you.

I was very honored to help that trans person feel welcome and feel confident enough to express themselves on camera for the world and the internet universe. I was lucky to have their immaculate face grace my screen, and I hope everyone sees their beauty. Thank you, beautiful trans stranger.

Addi Stewart

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