Resurrecting Past Relationships

You never know when destiny is going to return to your life to write another sequel to LOVE for you. Trust me, destiny CAN return in a big way!

I just had a resurrected relationship. I’m officially inventing new terms, woohoo, look at me go! Seriously though, use it if you want. Run with it. It’s a thing now.

I officially experienced a resurrected relationship when I got a text from a FORMER lover, one that I’ve written about here, about our unfortunate separation. They were gender fluid, and I was struggling to catch up to their unwavering requirement for perfect pronoun expression, which was new for me.

I was happy for them when they found another lover who was also gender fluid, creating another chapter of love after mine which had come to a semi-tragic, yet semi-logical conclusion.

That was then. This is new now!

They texted me a few weeks ago, and said “I would really like to see you. I miss your love. You loved me so well, and I was so happy, but then I treated you shitty and I pushed you away. I was attracted to people who were hurting me and feeding my darkness…”

I totally understood. They were right about it all, and I respected them in every way for following their heart. But then, their gender-fluid lover broke that heart. So they came back to me and wanted almost everything we used to have again—the intimacy, the conversation, the cute pictures, the dancing, the singing, the fun, the gracious energy, and the spiritual vibes.

And SEX was also something they requested. It was powerful when they looked me in the face, and took the first kiss we’d had in over eight months. I never thought I’d be with this lover again.

We had amazingly powerful times in the past. We spoke of having children together. We made porn together. We got through trauma and addictions together. We had family connections that were unreal and indescribable. Then it was gone. For months. And like GONE, gone, long gone.

I had loved them until the wheels fell off. Then, when their other mode of transportation broke, they came back to mine. Ride on! Relationship status: resurrected.

All it took was having my heart open and my truth free for them to see and trust. I cannot provide certain things that another gender-fluid person can, but I CAN love them with all my heart and soul.

That’s enough to make miracles you can’t even imagine,

Addi Stewart

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