Monogamous Trans Relationships

Transgender Anger Mender

So there’s a beautiful angel I know, and we have created instant magic with our connection. When I look at her, I see stars and sparkles. I feel like she sees the same thing when she looks at me.

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We both are spiritually bonded beyond comprehension, and precedent. We have to control it though, because…

She has a partner.

We both have decided to keep our connection cool and chilled out, for the sake of her partner. And I’m okay with it. Even though it’s HARD to deny the passion we share and feel for each other’s sparkling essence. It’s serious!

Yet, there’s a truth that I can’t hide from, and it’s something that I can’t really bring up to her or them, all things considered. It’s not even a relationship that I have with this sweet angel woman, so I really do not yet have a place or space to speak to her about… US.

We stay in touch, we text, we hang out, we smoke weed, we do things together, and keep the potential alive.

But her partner doesn’t like it. And it’s unfortunate as fuck!

We have not kissed. NEVER ONCE! I swear on every set of testicles in the world, including mine!

This is one of those kind of connections that shine effortlessly, and if we were to walk around, people would think we were a happy couple. We’re not! We just love on the same level of truth and passion, and it’s obvious to anyone that sees us for five seconds or more.

But it’s the potential of paradise that they’re seeing, not practiced in the present time and space. And that’s STILL a problem with the trans friend!

Only once did we all meet, randomly by chance, at a subway station. It wasn’t even my intention, nor hers.

They got off the bus, I saw her and was like “Hey… is that… it is!” So I said hello like any polite person would.

Then I saw her trans partner, and was like “Hello! Nice to meet you!” And shook their hand. I then turned to her, said “I’m happy to see you. I hope you two have a nice day together!” I then gave her a hug, before saying goodbye. Nothing sexual, nothing disrespectful, just harmless care!

But it was still not all good, apparently. The sensation of affection is all that was needed to make this person uncomfortable with our friendship.

It was so very sad, because I have nothing but love and support and affection for their relationship! I have not crossed any boundaries, I have not kissed, not dated, not had sex, not even had a late night phone call. Nothing inappropriate!

Yet the trans partner is still unhappy. And I understand. I just want to tell them that I am NOT going to take their lovely girl away. I just want to add my love to their situation… if and when it’s okay to do so. And I hope it will be at some point.

Because true love is like a flame: you can light a thousand candles with the original flame, and still not diminish the heat of the first candle.

It’s cheesy, and corny, and all that embarrassing shit… and then when you’re done complaining about it, you realize it’s still eternally true.

Addi Stewart

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