Being Open to Dating Women with Trans Children

I have been connected to a variety of interesting situations with my family; and I am so thankful at the expansion it has brought to my mind, as far as the concept of family can even spread.

I have lived with adopted brothers, adopted sisters, the child of an adopted mother, foster children, young immigrants from other countries, people who were runaways, distant cousins, homeless folks, and a few other people who had fleeting, tentative and random connections to my life.

There are always different people to navigate with and there are always new relationships and possible connections that can grow with these bonds that form from life being forced, moved, and changed in new ways on new levels.

There is never a road map or a set of rules one has to follow when forging a new relationship with someone in a new situation in life. But what must be remembered is their innate humanity, no matter how unfamiliar or unorthodox their personal situation is. And obviously that applies to people with sexual complexities that have to be addressed as well.

I’ve been with people who have been abused, raped, assaulted, and exploited. I didn’t care what they were going through; I just helped them the best I could, no matter what the circumstances.

All that being said brings me to another new relationship I have learned about being possible in life, and it’s pretty damn cool: the child of someone you intimately care for becoming trans.

I’ve dealt with more than one partner going through a transition, and it’s been enlightening, educational, and emotionally enriching to say the very least! But that’s one situation, where there’s X amount of space and time that automatically has to be manifested while that person is figuring out their new self. I am as graceful in assistance in that process—emotionally, psychologically, socially, financially, morally, and sexually.

BUT when it’s their CHILD that is going through a transition, and you get to see parts of that person’s transition, it’s amazing and mind opening in ways that are even more difficult to describe because it’s so rare! But yes, it was mostly about just listening and observing, and being as malleable and open as possible to hear the possibilities of who the parent was going to have to become next.

I would never think of not supporting someone in this time. Whether I was granted friendship access to the transitioning child or not, I have always been supportive and emotionally uplifting of such a decision by anyone, both mother and father or their child. Bless you all!

May you find a way to navigate all situations that offer chances for growth.

Addi Stewart

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