Poll: Have you Dealt with Discrimination as a Transexual Lover?

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Back in August we published the post Dealing with Discrimination as a TS Lover. Today’s poll is on the same topic.

Acceptance of transgender people is growing every day and small milestones continue to be made, both politically and socially. But unfortunately there is still a long way to go! Because of this, a man who loves and desires trans women in particular, can often find himself wary of sharing his transexual relationships or even just the fact that he finds these women oh so attractive. Men who date TS, as well as those who never act on their desires, can be made to feel somehow deviant or told that they must be homosexual, which WE know isn’t true. So today’s poll is simply a question about what your experience has been as a lover of transexuals, and how the people in your life have responded.

Have You Dealt With Discrimination as a Lover of Trans Women?

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Care to elaborate? We’d love for you to share your experiences on this topic in the comments. Let’s get a discussion going! Also, you may want to check out our related poll: Are You Open About Your TS Attraction?

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