Transgender Parents Come Out on National Television

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More evidence of the positive transformation that is occurring for the transgender community here in America aired on ABC’s 20/20 news magazine program recently, entitled Meet the Parents, and it tells the story of a trans man and a trans woman who are married and have a pair of boys they’re raising.

Nick Bowser is a handsome man, though he was born a female; and his beautiful wife, Bianca Bowser, was born male. Having gone through the struggles that the transgendered do, both had embarked on their transitions, and wondered, as so many transsexuals do, if anyone would ever love them.

Fate intervened, and the pair met at a bar, and as they stated in the interview, it was love at first sight. After dating about a year, the couple got married. Neither having had their genitals altered yet, they decided to postpone their gender reassignment surgeries and have children instead.

While Nick says being pregnant was a struggle for him, the results of being a pregnant man was well worth it, as they now have two beautiful sons. After the second pregnancy was completed Nick fulfilled his dream and had his breasts removed.

They’re now the picture perfect heterosexual American family, something that the program goes to pains to show, as Nick pointed out, “We’re different, but we’re the same type of family everybody else is.”

Just a few short years ago, one can imagine this story playing with an ominous soundtrack, and featuring alarmist and insensitive questions, but instead it really came across as an educational and non-threatening look at just another modern American family, for which we’re grateful.

Check out this clip from Meet the Parents:

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