Transgender Mountain Climbers Standing Tall

Mountain Climber

Erin Parisi wants to be the first transgender woman to climb all of the world’s highest mountains. She aims to conquer the tallest natural monuments on every continent by 2020.

Erin scaled Mount Kilimanjaro last March. She had climbed Kilimanjaro previously, in her gender assigned at birth, but she wanted to do it again as a woman. In 2017, at age 40, Parisi came out transgender.

As Aron, she had already climbed extensively, including at home in Colorado and winter ascents in Canada. She loves being in the mountains.

This year Parisi started TranSending 7 (a nonprofit initiative to encourage and support trans women in sports) and began her dream of climbing the continents as a trans woman. She summited Mount Kosciuszko, Australia’s highest peak; Kilimanjaro in March; and Europe’s highest peak, in June, Mount Elbrus.

Transgender Mountain Climbers 

Jamie Logan

Jamie Logan was well known as one of the great pioneers of free climbing back when her name was Jim Logan.

As Jim, Jamie had two passions: scaling mountains and wearing women’s clothes in private. She didn’t understand the reasons for the latter—she just knew she felt more like herself, the same as she felt when climbing the world’s most dangerous mountains.

The mountain climbing field was dominated by macho men, so she kept her proclivities to herself, but today lives happily as a woman.

Jan Morris

Jan Morris has lived a million lives. Soldier, spy, transgender pioneer. As a world renowned journalist, she has traveled all over the globe, writing about her adventures along with news. She was secretly with the same woman she’d married when she was a man, in 1949, but had been forced to divorce legally. They never separated however, and married again in 2008. Morris is today in her nineties.

Morris was still in her assigned-at-birth male gender when she was the journalist assigned to cover the first ascent of Mount Everest in world history, in 1953. She reached the halfway mark during her reportage of the event.

Manoj Shahi Monika

The Nepal native, who considers herself “third gender” wants to be the first trans woman to reach the top of Mount Everest. Will she get there before Erin Parisi?

Maurice Wilson

We don’t know if Maurice Wilson reached the top of Mount Everest, or if she identified as “she” or “he.” Wilson’s story is shrouded in mystery. S/he was considered eccentric for her penchant for women’s clothing, adventure travel, and yoga.

Wilson wanted to climb the unconquered Everest. She disappeared and her body was found over a year later. It was impossible to tell whether she had reached the top and died on the way back down, or not quite reached it. If she did, she was the first person ever. Some of her female garments were also found. We don’t know if Wilson would have identified as a transgender woman or as a transvestite, or none of the above.

Kris Nova

Transgender woman Kris Nova is a mountain climber. You can learn more about mountain climbing from her at her website Nova Summits.

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