Trans Woman Helps Discover New Surgical Procedure

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For some transgender women, the surgically installed vagina is a necessary marker of transition and the ultimate reflection of being female.

Sometimes referred to as bottom surgery or sexual-reassignment surgery, the designer vajayjay is an unbelievable medical and scientific accomplishment.

Created from penile tissue, which is inverted into the cavity between the urethra and the rectum, the vast majority of transgender vaginas are realistic looking and totally capable of pleasure and orgasm.

Beautiful transgender singer Karley Scortino told Vogue Magazine:

“If they knew how beautiful and how natural the vagina really is, and how it’s so in tune with your mind and your body, I think people would start seeing it as sexy rather than as a science experiment.”

But the surgery isn’t perfect. On the downside, the body continually aims to reject the neo-vagina and seal in the space. For this reason, trans women have to undergo painful and time consuming dilation practices for hours every day. They don’t get much use out of their vagina for awhile, and after the healing is complete, they must use it often.

Now, there is a brand new possibility for trans women, a new kind of surgical vagina that is potentially a tremendous advancement. The surgery was first performed only five months ago and has only been tried on a couple dozen women so far, with great results.

Dr. Jess Ting, director of surgery at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai, is creating vaginas from elastic tissues in the stomach. The new model is in high demand because it is pink, stretchy, and naturally secretes fluid.

The most amazing thing about the new medical advance is that it’s the brainchild of a transgender woman, Hayley Anthony. Anthony helped invent the procedure pioneered by Dr. Ting.

Knowing she wanted bottom surgery, Anthony researched the options and found them lacking. She took inspiration from medical work done on a rare condition where women in India had underdeveloped organs. The Indian doctors had found a way to recreate the vaginas with some loose and regenerative tissue from the women’s abdomens. Anthony wondered if the successful technique might work better for transgender vaginas than the options already in place.

Anthony approached Dr. Ting with her research and asked to undergo the experimental surgery.

Dr. Ting took the research that his patient brought forward and continued with it. Because the peritoneum tissue naturally regenerated itself within a few days, and provided all of the qualities a vagina needed, it seemed like a landmark alternative to the best medical models of sexual reassignment surgery so far.

“It’s just like taking a tool you’re well acquainted with from a toolbox and using it in a new way,” Dr. Ting told Wired Magazine.

What an inspirational story—one girl can change her self, and in doing so, change the world!

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