Retired Trans Veterans Want to Change Names in the Army

One thing that decorated and experienced veterans are most proud of is proof of their time served and the rank they have earned. So what happens if a soldier has decided to reassign their gender after leaving the service, or wants to change their name? The official stance of the military is that the name on a soldier’s records cannot be changed – ever. What they will do, however, is add a document to the official service record noting any name or gender change.

Two transgender U.S. Army veterans in New Jersey are fighting to get this policy changed, with help from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). In order to prove their military service at the places where they will receive veteran’s benefits such as doctors, banks and universities, they must reveal their transgender status via the current system. This can lead to uncomfortable situations and even discrimination. One trans man who is trying to fight this current policy said in one interview that revealing his status to every medical administrative worker he had to encounter was extremely difficult.

In addition, those whose gender presentation does not match their documentation may struggle to even receive medical care and other services, or simply prove their true identity under the current system. We hope that these veterans will soon get the respect, treatment and care they deserve for time served fighting for their country.

According to one blog, a veteran involved in the case served in the Army as a male for over 30 years. Now going by the name Jennifer, the vet says “I’m just asking for my name to be changed. I’m not going to rewrite history.” It seems like a reasonable and small request for someone who served the country for such a long time.

As this story continues to gain momentum, many transgender veterans have headed to TS Dating sites like to share their thoughts and provide encouragement for cisgender veterans taking a stand and demanding equality from Uncle Sam. You can lend your support by making a free account and getting involved in the discussions right now.

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