Planet Fitness Gym Supports Trans Woman

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Planet Fitness considers itself an all-inclusive gym. They even have a “lunk alarm” in case anyone gets too into their workout and makes other people feel intimidated. Once the grunting and weight slamming starts, an employee will hit off the lunk alarm and ask the offender to curb their behavior. Their inclusion even extends to transgender people.

One customer in Michigan, Yvette Cormier, is suing Planet Fitness because she feels discriminated against. Yvette complained that a trans woman was using the locker room and then asked to have her removed. Instead, the gym revoked Cormier’s membership.

Yvette’s argument is that she thought it was a “man.” However, Planet Fitness has a policy that says anyone can use the changing room that fits with their gender identity (yeah, it’s a great policy!) After complaining to the staff and being informed of the company’s policy, she called corporate. They told her the same thing. Then this closed-minded lady started telling other customers about her encounter every time she came to the gym, trying to rile people up. Luckily, no one else really cared. The gym told Yvette if she didn’t stop talking smack, they would revoke her membership, but Yvette wouldn’t stop. So they shut her down, citing inappropriate and disruptive behavior. And now she has the nerve to sue!

The trans woman in the locker room came forward on Facebook. Her name is Carlotta Slowdowska and she commented that if she had went into the men’s locker room, she would have been scared.

“You go, Carlotta!” exclaimed Beverly Tam, a transgender dating coordinator for “We need more trans ladies like her to be unapologetic, loud and proud. Then other t-gals will feel comfortable putting themselves out there.”

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