Lush Cosmetics Campaign For Transgender Human Rights

Bath Bombs and Soap

If you’re the rugged, Marlboro type of man, you may have no idea what your transexual girlfriend is talking about when she waxes ecstatic about her new bath bomb or popcorn-flavored facial scrub. You might not not know that the amazing massage bar that melts while she’s giving your tired construction-work muscles a good  rub down is from Lush Cosmetics.

Then again, if you’re  a cosmopolitan, metrosexual man, you may be a devotee of Lush Cosmetics yourself. There are oodles of amazing Lush products for men, but let’s face it, great soaps are for everyone. You may even know that the goal of the Lush company from its inception has been quality eco-conscious ingredients that make people happy, and making people happy through social activism and awareness.

Lush Cosmetics is something of a cult because us gals—and some of you guys—are devotees, not just consumers. Write this down for future reference: anything Lush offers is an ideal gift for anyone, any age.

The Vanillary perfume is divine and better than cookies. The shampoo bars last forever and make your hair shine. The jiggly jellies—Jello body cleansers for the shower—are colorful and so much fun! The scents are sexy as fuck, cleansing, refreshing, and awakening. I’m telling you the truth: every woman you know who knows about Lush has a long list of soaps, skin softeners, and body scrubs that she wants more of.

Lush Cosmetics has always been politically and socially active in various campaigns for fair trade, justice, equality, women’s rights, capital punishment and more. Now they’re about to launch a major campaign in defense of their transgender workers and all transgender people around the world.

If you already shop at Lush, you’ve probably noticed that many stores employ transgender workers, providing them with a safe space for employment, supporting and standing up for them with the help of company allies. They know how difficult employment can be for trans people, and prioritize safety and nondiscrimination.

Now they’re having a promotion on a specially designed bath melt, the Lush Inner Truth Bath Melt, with 100% of the purchase price going to various organizations that help transgender rights. The bath melt is designed to resemble the transgender flag.

“Transgender and non-binary people should be treated with the same dignity and respect as anyone else. Learn more about transgender people’s experiences and how you can be an ally.”

You can learn more on the Lush website, and educate yourself about transgender issues.

The campaign uses the hashtag #transrightsarehumanrights.

Kudos to Lush Cosmetics for standing up for transgender men and women and helping the public sort out misconceptions they might have, thus proactively creating new allies.

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