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Every woman is beautiful, and we all want to express our inner selves while highlighting our assets and downplaying our perceived flaws. It’s why we love makeup—we get to play with different looks, going from red carpet glam to the fresh-scrubbed girl next door with the flick of a few brushes or a magic mascara wand.

Now you might wonder why a dude needs to know anything about makeup, but it’s good to be aware of how important the subject might be to the unique needs of the trans women you love.

For transgender women, making up has been an essential tool in revealing her true identity. Makeup is essential to some trans women to help their exterior better reflect who she is. T-girls may have unique challenges that need addressing, such as covering up quick growing facial hair or contouring for more feminine features. Or she may simply want to enjoy the amazing range of looks now available to her with different colors and styles.

Many cis women might take for granted the easy access to this female toolbox: we might be lucky to be able to just blush and go, or we’ve had the starter-kit advantage of unwrapping Bonne Bell Lip Smackers when we were tweens, and practicing eye-makeup looks with our girlfriends. Trans women may feel intimidated and alone about how to shop for makeup and the best ways to apply for their unique needs.

But today there are more and more opportunities open to transgender women in makeup. Vogue Magazine‘s recent article on makeup lines that serve the transgender community is one I passed along to my TS friends.

If you date women—cis or transgender—you’ve probably heard of Sephora. If you go into this wonderland of cosmetics with her, you’ve probably seen transgender women or men at work. Sephora has been incredibly proactive and positive about having equal opportunities for trans and nonbinary folks. Bravo to them. They also do amazing work helping people who need makeup skills for the workplace or for special circumstances like cancer.

Sephora is now offering free 90-minute makeup classes to trans people, Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community.

“I want people to leave feeling fearless, feeling beautiful—and not just on the outside. Here, they know they are supported.” – Dominique Anderson, trans makeup artist

If your lady can’t make it to a store or is pressed for time, she can access Sephora tutorials on YouTube, many led by transgender makeup artists.

Vogue highlights other cosmetic product lines including Fluide from New York City. This wonderful and creative cosmetic line features bright red-carpet colors and nonbinary models.

“Being exposed to queer, non-mainstream representations of beauty opened up limitless, ungendered possibilities in my own self-expression,” Isabella Giancarlo, Fluide’s creative director, tells Vogue. “Makeup can be one powerful, yet approachable, tool in self-actualization and self-expression.”

If your girlfriend or trans friends love to rock big looks, make sure they see this awesome site.

Finally, let’s not forget pioneer MAC Cosmetics. They have been working with and for the trans community from the beginning, and its lipstick line is iconic for a reason—in my opinion, it’s the best lipstick you can buy.

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