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As transwomen struggle for recognition and equity in the workplace, they welcome strides away from transphobia in healthcare. As the medical profession learns more about transgender people and their unique and shared needs, doctors and healthcare facilities become better equipped and more knowledgeable about treatment.

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Of course, even with these advances in medicine and human rights, it’s still slow going and transexual people need public and professional support to endure the long waits for treatments and appropriately skilled and informed medical staff. Of particular urgency are more answers surrounding the high suicide rates of MTF persons and more resources for their support. Also of urgent priority is knowledge of and practitioners for sexual reassignment surgery and other transition surgeries.

With a lot of misinformation, unanswered questions, and doctors and scientists with conflicting studies, we need to support our trans girlfriends as they do their best to get and stay healthy.

There’s a great article in Women’s Health Magazine by transwoman Dana Levinson that can help you and your circle get informed about transgender women’s health issues.

“Even if you’re an extremely empathetic person, there’s probably a lot you don’t understand about transgender and gender-diverse health issues—and that’s okay,” writes Levinson. “I’m here to break down several of the biggest ones for you.”

She explains some of the basics about hormone and surgical transition treatment for FTM transgender people. She outlines some of the unique challenges trans women face, including the fact that the vast majority of doctors don’t have much experience or knowledge of transgender bodies. To help you and your loved one source a qualified physician, she links some resources that can help, such as the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

Levinson notes another challenge most of us don’t know about. Our transgender lovers are seldom cared for by their work or private insurance health care plans. While a broken arm or flu may be dealt with, few insurance programs treat transitional and psychological therapies that transgender women need.

Levinson’s article also discusses MTF trans people and addresses how to access appropriate health information for them. Keeping this article bookmarked is a great idea for when you need to support your girlfriend, friends, or family and get the health information they need.

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