First Transgender Marriage in Nepal

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Beautiful love stories are not always conventional, and unconventional love stories help change the world and move it towards acceptance and inclusion for more people.

In the past few years there has been an unprecedented swing towards visibility, education, human rights, and equality in regards to transgender people.

This is true not only in the United States or Canada, but around the world.

Transgender woman Monika Shahi Nath, of Nepal, recently made history by becoming the first transgender person to marry in her nation.

Although Nepal does not have an official policy on transgender people and marriage, she and her husband were granted an official marriage certificate by the state, effectively moving history forward for countless trans women in the future.

But being transgender wasn’t the only reason Monika’s marriage was unconventional. Her husband is twenty-two years old, almost half her age of forty. Of course, there are many reasons to love older women!

Additionally, her husband already has another wife and two children with her. Polygamy—the marital practice of having multiple spouses—is not legally recognized in Nepal.

Ms. Nath is determined not to let these differences be obstacles to her happiness. She has already endured the fear of losing her family and of not being accepted by her in-law family, and overcame these challenges to find herself supported by all of them.

Nath says she always felt like a girl even though she was assigned as male at birth. She began dressing in her sister’s clothing, and eventually she dressed and acted as a woman away from the family house.

“Away from my home, I would secretly become a woman. It would make me very happy, but I was afraid to tell my family, I felt I would shame them.”

Not everyone finds unanimous family support, but Nath found enough to live out her dreams and her true identity.

“I never dreamed that one day I would be someone’s wife, that I would be loved as a daughter-in-law,” she said.

Beautiful Nath and her young, gorgeous husband are happy and ready to weather any challenges. But whatever transpires, Nath’s pioneering contribution to trans rights is courageous. She is the first Nepali to have a passport where the gender is listed as “other” rather than male or female, and she is the first trans woman of Nepal to marry officially.

We wish them a long and happy marriage!

Read more about Monika’s story in The Independent.

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