Dwight Howard Controversy

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Yo. That is a hot mess of a situation that Dwight Howard is in. When I saw his name trending on Twitter, I thought he put up forty or something. Nope! Now we have to talk about this Dwight Howard drama.

It’s already a sad reality that there are no fully out and proud gay or queer NBA players currently, but this online exposé of Masin Elijè is incredibly eye opening and is 100% real to me, as well as something to take seriously as a death threat… which apparently has been uttered already!

If there is any headline to take from this revelation, it’s that Dwight Howard is a grown-ass man who feels like he must hide his consensual relationships so much that he has to threaten the life of someone who wants to reveal the truth, not that a black NBA superstar is into transgender folks. That’s not a headline that should really matter much, even though it’s not an every day occurrence… it still isn’t anyone’s business to judge, and if anything, it’s just another human union to be celebrating!

The pastor making death threats and such? Just… stop, no, and don’t. Wow is all I can say. Dwight has some major work to do right now, and I hope he is educated enough to start a dialogue with the world about safety, maturity and honesty.

It’s all good that he is into trans women! It’s just not all good that he is allegedly into threatening the trans woman he is into if they go public.

Sad that we are in 2018 and still have to deal with this dumpster fire behavior and shameful disrespect of others. But it’s not a problem otherwise for this type of thing to happen, and I hope more NBA players are able to confess their desires that are non-hetero.

Damn, yo. It’s gonna be a wild season!

Peace to all trans women and men,
Addi Stewart

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