Doctor Resigns after Transphobic Instagram Scandal

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A world renowned doctor and surgeon who specialized in transgender medical treatment has resigned from his position following an Instagram scandal.

The doctor’s Instagram posts included closeups of patients’ genitalia, grisly surgical images, and demeaning images of patients in awkward examination positions. The images also included mocking slogans and hashtags.

Dr. Christopher Salgado worked at the University of Miami Health System’s LGBTQ Center for Wellness, Gender and Sexual Health. Following the discovery of the incriminating Instagram posts, the doctor resigned.

His personal account, showing pictures of himself smiling and laughing with friends and family, has been deleted. Throughout his feed were gruesome images of surgical procedures taken at a time when patients should have had the utmost privacy and security.

Salgado told the Associated Press that all of the patients had given their consent to use the photographs for “educational purposes.” He claimed that showing genitalia and surgery was a matter of informing the public interested in transgender medical issues, and that he had done nothing wrong.

The doctor said he loves the transgender population and has spent part of his life caring for them by using his expertise and medical skills in their service.

He said the accompanying hashtags that made a mockery of transgender and Asian patients were a result of hacking and that he had not used them.

The shocking discovery of the doctor’s Instagram feed was initiated by petition from one of his patients who found the images disturbing. Salgado says that patient was going through a very difficult time. That patient accused him of violating patient privacy policies and promoting vulgar content that included “racist, transphobic, homophobic comments and hashtags.”

The petition called for the American College of Surgeons to confront Doctor Salgado’s “public vulgarity, lack of professionalism, and questionable ethics around patient privacy.”

Dr. Salgado is the same celebrity doctor who appeared on the hit reality show I Am Jazz about internet sensation Jazz Jennings.

A spokesperson for UHealth confirmed in the Miami Herald that the doctor was no longer employed there.

Salgado issued a statement where he vehemently denied adding the demeaning hashtags, suggesting the transphobia was in a hacking attack on the work he does as a transgender medical expert and surgeon. “I apologize to anyone hurt by this as I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to this patient population, and this will not detract from my care and love for them.”

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