Cool Pope Loves TS Gals!

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Pope Francis, the current head of the Catholic church, has often been referred to as the coolest pope ever. He sneaks out at night in regular priest clothes to hang with poor people, and has relaxed some of the church’s policies on homosexuality and birth control, basically stating that the church has been “obsessed” with those issues in the past. And we all know, obsession is not healthy! Now, he is about to become the coolest pope ever because he will be visiting with ten gay and transgender inmates at a prison, during a visit.

popeHis visit was not scheduled to include anything besides a visit, but Pope Francis insisted on breaking bread with these people who have typically been shunned by members of the Catholic Clergy. It’s reported by the head of the prison that the Pope has actually expressed a desire to meet each of the inmates personally to understand them and their complex histories.

“This is a historic event,” reports Bess Gerard, a TS woman herself and a content coordinator for Transgender Hookups. “Many people who are against transgender and other LGBT issues likes gay marriage use religion as a basis for their stances. With a religious figure taking the time to reach out, it shows that the world is really changing. With this news, more trans people than ever are joining our site and coming out of the shadows to live their lives out loud!”

Pope Francis is helping to change the world’s attitude about homosexual and transgender people. When asked if he thought a gay person could be a priest, he responded that he was not the one to judge if that could be so, which possibly paves the way for LGBT members of the clergy. He has said that he wants to support the spiritual needs of LGBT people, and for many who grew up in the faith and felt ostracized, that is very comforting. Keep being kinda cool, cool Pope!

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