British Tabloids Buzzing Over American Trans Girl

Hallway to Operating Room

Always up for a bit of manufactured outrage, British tabloids, The Sun and the Daily Mail are up in arms over the YouTube vlog of 25-year-old transexual, Giana Lopez, who has floated the idea of moving to the UK on a work visa so that she might get the final stage of her gender reassignment surgery performed by the National Health Service (NHS), free of cost.

Giana, who has been taking hormones for around four years and has had her testicles removed, does not have the funds for The final stage of her transformation, a vaginoplasty which runs somewhere north of $25,000 in the States.

In order to make her plan to work, she would need to get a two-year work visa or work for an American company with offices in the UK and somehow finagle a transfer there – both pretty tall orders for a 25-year-old makeup artist from New Jersey. In order to qualify for the surgery, she would need to work a full year in the UK in order to qualify for NHS coverage of her gender reassignment surgery.

While the right-wing tabloids used this story as their back-door entry to attack socialized medicine and the NHS, we’ll use it as ours to point out that there are several options in the United States, from getting a job at an employer that covers it and more than 25% of companies in the Fortune 500, and nearly 60% of the Fortune 100 now have health insurance plans that cover gender reassignment surgery. Obamacare has helped make affordable private insurance available, many of which do cover gender reassignment services, or she could move to San Francisco which has its own Transgender Health Project for low income individuals, as well as covering gender reassignment for that city’s civil servants. We of course wish Gina all the luck in the world in her quest to become the fully realized woman she hopes to be.

Check out Giana’s video below:

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