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It’s Not Your Gender, It’s Your Politics

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There’s an idea that strangles the future of society, silently, and I don’t like to leave it untouched. I like to attack it often.

The idea is: If you’re not rich and famous, you’re not really anything valuable to the world. And this silent idea—that if you don’t have lots of money and lots of sexy people wanting to throw themselves at your feet and into your pants— is just an insane notion to force into any person’s mind, much less a marginalized person, either of color or of a community that is less visible than the cisgender, heteronormative status quo of the mainstream. How many rich and famous trans people do YOU know? Yeah, exactly.

Caitlyn Jenner is in pretty rare company.

Society may withhold this truth, but I’d like to remind you of the fact, regardless of what the news may have said recently. We ALL have power. And it all comes from the essence of our life, not from the extremities in our life.

We don’t have power because of the clothes we wear (we might, but that’s not genuine power, it’s illusion power), the status we occupy, the money we’ve earned, the places we’ve been, or the people we’ve met, became friends with and done business with. The naked truth is: We have power because of who we ARE when we open our eyes to the world in the morning, and assemble our identity in our brains as we crawl out of bed everyday.

Power comes from the interactions we make, and genuinely connect into and out of. We must create cycles of continuity… if we can! And if we CAN’T, we must disconnect respectfully!

And there’s my main point: We won’t all agree on what to do with our power. Whether political power, social power, psychological power, religious power, or obviously: SEXUAL power.

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I had a moment where a trans friend and I had a clash of ideologies around a life issue. The next day, I was left wondering: Was it because they were trans that we didn’t see eye-to-eye, or was it because we just didn’t agree, period? And I had to reflect on my values and theirs, and come to an understanding of what was really going on between myself and this person.

There are issues in the world that have everything to do with sexuality, gender, race, class, genitals, intimacy, etc. and then there are issues that have nothing to do with these factors, yet may cause some sort of impact to these areas in life.

I was forced to evaluate myself and understand: Am I disagreeing with them because they are trans and this issue deals with trans values that I don’t share, or am I disagreeing with their opinion, and they just happen to be trans?

It was good to just sharpen my mind that much more, and check to see that I was not being a shitty person.

Cisgender people need to do that as often as possible! Trans folks have it hard enough trying to survive in this pseudo-binary world of confusion, chaos and complicated choices.

Make sure you’re cool,
Addi Stewart

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