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Ladyboy in Red – How to Use Color Theory for Dating

Woman in Red

We all know that what you wear on a date (or in profile pictures) makes a statement about who you are, particularly when making a first impression. But did you know that the colors you wear can also influence how other’s perceive you? You can make a conscious effort to give off a certain vibe simply by choosing the right color.

What Color To Wear? It Depends On What You Want

For Those Seeking Long-Term Relationships

The reason you see blue used in design so much, (think Facebook, banks), is because it’s a color that elicits feelings of trust and loyalty. Blue makes the body feel more peaceful and tranquil, similar to the feelings we are seeking when we go after a long-term relationship. We want to feel safe and secure. By wearing blue you can send out these feelings of trust and peace on your dates, or before you even meet by wearing blue in your profile pictures. Of course, it’s also important to tell others that this is the sort of relationship you’re seeking, so be sure to keep your intentions clear in your profile writing as well.

Green is also a great color, especially for attracting those who seek a healthy, mature relationship. It’s easy on the eyes and is an especially a good color to wear if you’re a nature-lover and seek the same.

For Casual Daters Seeking Passion & Attention

Can you guess which color is most likely to ignite passion? Yep, it’s red! Red is often used to represent a sensual nature, and it actually stimulates a person’s heart rate, much like feelings of lust do. Want to get your date (or potential date) all hot and botherd? This is the perfect color. Red also stands out more than others which is good if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. If red isn’t your thing, then black is also considered to be sensual and is probably going to be perceived as a bit classier than red, but it doesn’t have the same oomph factor.

Colors Men Should Wear to Attract More Women (Tgirls included)

The color recommendations above go for both men and women, but here are a couple that are specific to how men typically want to be perceived by women.  Black is great for hinting at power and authority, however be sure not to overdo it. Although black represents economic security among other ‘power traits’, it can be a bit oppressive if you don’t add any other colors.

If you want to imply wealth, you might also opt for dark green. This color is very manly, offers a sense of security, and typically signifies money. If you believe in what evolutionary theory tells us about what women want, then this is the way to go.

Are There Any Colours You Should Avoid?

The one color that it is NOT recommended to wear is yellow. Although it does appear cheerful and bright, it is the hardest color for the eyes to look at.  It’s also a color that represents friendship, and no one wants to be put in the friend zone. White, gray, and brown are all colors that you should avoid, particularly on a first date. They can come across as boring and don’t give off any kind of a flirtatious vibe. White feels low-maintenance and fresh, but doesn’t have much else going for it beyond that.

So, what do you make of all this? Do you have a lucky shirt you wear on dates because you seem to have more success when you do? Before understanding color theory, I always wore a blue t-shirt on my first dates which generally turned out well. Perhaps there really is something to this…

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