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There are shockingly few transgender politicians out there right now, but with the presidential candidates starting to come out of the woodwork for 2016, we wondered. Is there an elected official who is transgender? Here is a list of badass trans politicians.

Stacy Laughten, a trans woman, was elected to New Hampshire’s House of Representatives in 2012. She became the nation’s first openly trans law-making elected official. Of course, one of her core issues is making sure that transgender people have safe places to use the restroom, but her other platform issues are comparable to many other politicians: reducing homelessness and improving schools in her state.

Stu Rasmussin identifies as a transgender woman but prefers to use male pronouns, perhaps out of habit? He has been elected three times as the mayor of Silverton, Oregon, after a career as a successful businessman.

Jessica Orson is a trans woman from Centralia, MO. She has been elected as an alderwoman there for three terms. Not only has she pushed the envelope by being a trans-elected official, but she has also discussed her pagan beliefs quite openly.

Victoria Kolakowski transitioned from male to female during the 1980s, while working as an attorney simultaneously. In 2010, she was elected to be a judge in the Alameda County Superior Court in California. Like many trans politicians, Victoria has faced some adversity. The Louisiana Bar Association once tried to prevent her from taking the exam due to her gender status!

“These trans politicians are an inspiration to me,” admits Rita Golding, a trans woman and dating coordinator on Transexual Hookups. “The more trans people we have in politics, the more rights we will all have, and the more fun and easygoing all trans people will have in their dating and personal lives!”

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