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Transgender Sexual Rights: No Justice without Love

Protest for Black Lives Matter

If you really know me, you know one of my core beliefs—there can be no justice without love and no love without justice. They go hand in hand.

There are times when I feel compelled to speak for justice and for love, and thus speak for sexual rights. There are few people I can think of who need sexual rights more than trans people and that continues to be proven time and time again, in this struggling society.

There’s been a LOT of wild things happening this year, and I try not to get too caught up in the daily details of the news headlines, since the love stories and love lessons we share here are far more eternal and enjoyable, frankly… ha. Yet, there are times when I simply must speak out for trans rights and in defense of trans people, the same way I do for poly people when heteronormativity rears its ugly head.

In a recent case of trans injustice: Tony McDade, a 38-year-old Black trans man, was shot dead by the Tallahassee Police Department on May 27, 2020. The police officer responsible is still not named, and there still needs to be justice and media coverage of this travesty and tragedy.

As we now live in a world that is marching and demanding justice for the murder of George Floyd, exactly as it should be, there should also be a guarantee that this trans man’s name and story is not forgotten in the midst of everything else happening. Same with Breonna Taylor, as well as all unsolved cases of injustice.

The story of Tony McDade, this trans man killed by the police, has to be told, not only because there is often a sexual-abuse component to many trans deaths involving the police, but because this keeps happening and there has yet to be a single well-publicized conviction of a police officer killing a trans person.

This is a heartbreaking reality, and it interferes with us having a healthy society that can slowly and surely, then quickly and quietly educate and incorporate much more sexual and social acceptance of transgender people. There’s so much more work to do and so much further to go, no matter who it is.

I am always learning more about trans humanity. I make sure to pay attention to cases like this to educate myself with their situations, so I just don’t only pay attention to trans people when it’s sexual or simple and friendly with them in life. That’s like only hanging out with women to have sex or to use them for favors and money, instead of marching for women’s rights issues and listening to women in times of personal crisis.

I’m not an exploiter or abuser like that, no sir. I care, and I like to show it. If you do too, then please read up on the story of Tony McDade in Tallahassee, and spread the word around. It’s a real tragedy, and it seems like another serious injustice that needs more public attention. Let’s do the right thing!

Addi Stewart

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