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Exploiting Transgender Vulnerability

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There is a very important case happening in the news right now, but some people are ignoring it or just haven’t seen or heard about it. There is a typical lack of reporting, police attention, and media coverage.

It’s the case of Malik Yoba, the Black man who was the lead detective on New York Undercover, the famous Fox TV show in the 90s. A few weeks ago, Malik was “outed” by some people for the WONDERFUL inclination to enjoy the company of transgender folks. So, of course, in the most conservative and heteronormative circles of the media and public, there was outcry and backlash and bullshit.

Yoba started to valiantly speak up in his own defense, and say, there’s nothing wrong with who I like, and I’m gonna keep liking them regardless of what anyone says (he expressed this in a cheesy freestyle rap on Instagram, but his heart seemed to be in the right place.) Or was it?

A few days later, some people came out with MORE damning news that really makes this NOT as cool as once thought. Apparently, Malik Yoba had conducted sex work with this transgender person when they were THIRTEEN years old. And he’s defending it in random ways that I can’t wrap my head around.

I can’t fathom how he can speak about this in public and defend his actions. Actually he can’t, because when he was sitting down with a particular media news outlet a few days ago, they asked him about the allegations and the situation.

He was kinda blindsided about some stuff from the small clip I saw, and they didn’t have the best approach to transgender identity from the little video I saw. At the same time, he DID take the microphone off and storm out of the interview without defending his position on the question: “DID you sleep with a transgender woman who was thirteen years old doing survival sex?”

It’s NOT cool to have sex with vulnerable trans folks in exploitative situations like that. Do some research if you haven’t already, I know I’m doing more when I find good sources… but it’s a mess.

Peace and love to all the people who respect trans folks, and extra love to everyone who respects human boundaries of appropriate sex and consent.

Addi Stewart

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